SLA Industries 2e

Halloween Jack on the prowl “Hi boys, take a seat. Been waiting long? Good, I’m glad; it’d give you time to contemplate how badly you screwed up that Blue I gave you on Tuesday. Seriously, how do you fuck up a Blue? It’s Street Maintenance! All you had to do was roll a few drunks and you clowns burned up a Food Court.So… onwards and upwards, eh? I have three new BPNs for you to choose from. One, is another Blue. Yes, yes, yes, I know, more Street Maintenance, but it’s easier this time. You just need to exterminate a rat horde over by the Crust. Open air, local wildlife and stun ...mere

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Referater – Curse of Strahd

Index Session 1: Modrianys fortællingDato: 6. oktober 2020in absentia: ingenSkrevet af Rune Session 2: The plot thickensDato: 20. oktober 2020in absentia: RuneSkrevet af Morten Session 3: Going DownDato: 27. oktober 2020in absentia: JacobSkrevet af: Morten Session 4: I en kælder…Dato: 3. november 2020in absentia: ingenSkrevet af: Morten Session 5: The Fall of the House of DurstDato: 17. november 2020in absentia: ingenSkrevet af: (Boris) Session 6: Vejen til BaroviaDato: 24. november 2020in absentia: JacobSkrevet af: ? Session 1: Modrianys fortælling Vi ...mere

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Heroes of Drakonheim

Det er D&D 5e og I starter på 1. level. Alle racer og klasser fra Player’s Handbook er tilladt, men se dog vedhæftede baggrundsmateriale. Ability Scores anvender et score array, hvor I fordeler disse scorer blandt jeres Abilities: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. Valg af race vil modificere disse scorer. I starter i byen Drakonheim, som I alle har en eller anden form for tilknytning til, så tænk lige over, hvad det kan være.  Til de af jer, der kan huske D&D Next, så er det betaversionen af D&D 5e og altså ikke identisk hermed. I kan altså ikke bruge den version i forbindel ...mere

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Referat Symbaroum: Mother of Darkness

“A field drenched in blood, dressed in darkness, where bodies lay rotting, in rolling landscapes of death. The victors, triumphant yet weeping, for humanity’s fall, and the dread of it all, for the blight-stricken earth, wind and water. With shackles of rootlets and creepers, they fettered the spawn of darkness unborn, and chanted the taint into slumber.” ...mere

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The Darkest Star: Aftermath

Yndaros is still in a state of emergency, with the Sun Church in utter disarray and at risk of suffering the same fate as the Cathedral of Martyrs.The events of The Darkest Star leave Ambria and its people deeply shaken. Suddenly Yndaros itself seems vulnerable, as even Korinthia Nightbane was close to being killed. The Sun Church and its incarcerated First Father seem unable to offer any comfort, and what is more, a huge, hostile barbarian army is approaching the northern border of the realm. Many are whispering, to themselves or their loved ones, that the Promised Land appears to be on the ...mere

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Referat Symbaroum: The Darkest Star

“South fled the trodden and vanquished,with darkness behind, with warmness and sunlight ahead.A fortress they raised on the lowlands, a wonder of stones,on the Guardian’s bones, storing the relics of Symbar.But blighted and torn were their bodies.The sins of the fathers echoed in flesh,and darkness devoured them all.” Act 1: Fire over Yndaros The tablet from Karvosti reveals the following:  “When Lindaros had grown strong and powerful, a military force was sent back to the ‘crushed heart of the empire’ to retrieve the remains of ‘the Guardian’s Favore ...mere

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Referat Symbaroum: What’s Bred in the Bone

“… and the people bowed to different gods, with different names and different figures, with different tones and different legacies, with different tastes for style and shape.The People fought to honor the gods, with similar spite and similar weapons, with similar goals and similar methods, with similar love and similar hate. But none of the gods acknowledged the people, not the mother, nor the child, not the guard with axe, with spear. They only spoke to King and Priest.” Act 1: Shadows of the Flame Session 1 – “Mord i Ravenia” Forhistorien fra ”The B ...mere

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