The Darkest Star: Aftermath

Yndaros is still in a state of emergency, with the Sun Church in utter disarray and at risk of suffering the same fate as the Cathedral of Martyrs.
The events of The Darkest Star leave Ambria and its people deeply shaken. Suddenly Yndaros itself seems vulnerable, as even Korinthia Nightbane was close to being killed. The Sun Church and its incarcerated First Father seem unable to offer any comfort, and what is more, a huge, hostile barbarian army is approaching the northern border of the realm. Many are whispering, to themselves or their loved ones, that the Promised Land appears to be on the brink of destruction.

The Sun Church:

In the wake of the adventure, the Sun Church is in a state of serene chaos. The Curia has been dissolved and black cloaks, priests, and theurgs alike are in search of new leadership. Within a month, their eyes have turned to the north and the still missing Father Sarvola; more and more people are embracing his teachings, despite the war that is about to break out just north of the nation’s borders. The belief that the starfall over the Cathedral of Martyrs was a sign of discontent from the dying god is gaining ground, and the rumors about Jeseebegai are becoming increasingly wild – some accuse him of being in league with daemonic powers, others claim that the person sitting on the twilight throne was actually the Dark Lord, magically transformed to resemble his alleged killer in order to escape death.

The Sovereign’s Oath:

A week or so after the events of The Darkest Star, the armies collide at the foot of Karvosti – confident barbarian warriors under the banner of the Blood Daughter versus Ambrian soldiers joined by the growing forces of the High Chieftain. The battle is bloody and even; the aggressors withdraw as the defenders gather on and around Karvosti to lick their wounds. The winter makes it difficult for both parties to provision their troops, although the Ambrian alliance benefits from its access to the cliff and clan Odaiova’s routes to the south.

In the months leading up to the next episode, the war is at a stalemate. Both sides send smaller units to sabotage enemy transports and take out enemy scouts, but no major battles are fought. Clans Karohar and Baiaga become divided as more and more members choose to join either side, but in numbers so even that it does not tip the power balance one way or the other. The leaders of the Sovereign’s Oath are trying to persuade the rebel groups that remain in the northern territories to join them, while waiting to go on the offensive once again, hopefully against an enemy which has then been weakened by internal division and wavering convictions.

House Kohinoor:

Ambria is reeling from internal conflicts between various factions and increased popular discontent with the authorities. Had it not been for the war against the Sovereign’s Oath, slow burning as it may be, things would probably look even bleaker. But there is no doubt that both Queen Korinthia and the Sun Church are facing serious challenges when it comes to restoring confidence and stability.

All conflicts that have been suppressed since the start of the Great War, that were set aside while the Queen led her people across the Titans and claimed lordship over the Promised Land, are beginning to surface. It is becoming increasingly acceptable to question authority, particularly in cities like Yndaros and Thistle Hold, but in the countryside as well. The government cannot as easily excuse their actions by referring to past accomplishments, or blame problems on the youth and growing pains of the Ambrian realm. Instead they are soothing the pitchfork-wielding anger of the people by calling for unity in the face of the terrifying barbarian threat from the north.

As for the people’s feelings toward Davokar, not much has changed. Though individual citizens like to think that their decisions and actions are grounded in reason and rational deliberation, mankind has always been largely driven by two forces: desire and fear. And nothing has changed in that regard – people whose desire for treasure, knowledge or glory outweighs their fear of the forest are still going out there, hoping to satisfy their greed. The fact that Davokar is growing darker, and that savage Sovereign warriors now roam the forest, may deepen the sense of dread. On the other hand, the taxes imposed by the Crown and its representatives have increased due to the impending war, driving more and more people into poverty. To rely on a Queen who cannot even keep her own capital safe is for many not an option.

No, the events that took place during the adventure The Darkest Star, in the heart of the Ambrian realm, have left their mark. The Queen is focusing on the war against the Sovereign’s Oath and the search for the Throne of Thorns, which she hopes will restore the people’s faith in her; the Sun Church’s Curia has been fundamentally reshaped, with First Father Jeseebegai imprisoned and the schism between the Loyalists and the Reformists contributing to its demise; following the close-fought battle of Karvosti, the leaders of the Sovereign’s Oath, headed by the Blood-Daughter, have withdrawn into what used to be the territory of Clan Yedesa..

In the weeks and months following The Darkest Star, a rumor is starting to spread, first in Yndaros, then in the other Ambrian cities and out into Davokar: Queen Korinthia has found reliable directions to Symbar and is preparing an expedition to locate its legendary Throne of Thorns!


Kullinan Furia was never brought to justice. His cold dead body left in the Yonderworld, the story goes that the Vearra Estate was infiltrated by the Sovereigns Oath where the foul ritual took place, killing all servants and also the Count Demetro and the visiting Count Edogai Brigo. However, some say that a person matching the discription of Count Demetro was seen heading west, out of Ambria.

While some say that Nobleman Dastan finally got a knife in the back, rumor goes that he managed to escape Yndaros during the attack on Old Kadizar. But was Nobleman Dastan truly behind the attempted assassination on Thabor, son of High Chieftain Tharaban ?
In his absence a new thief king arose, maybe even more cunning and dangerous than Dastan ever was, able to manipulate high and low, working in the shadows.

Nobles, and especially young nobles, do many crazy things. That includes sneaking into the Cathedral of Martyrs to witness a wedding rehearsal they are not invited to. But was there more to the love story that Lugander Galeia wrote about in the letter you found ?

What happened to the elven envoy Elori that you briefly met near the Cathedral of Martyrs?

After you brought Kalthar to the palace, he was never seen or heard of again.

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