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Referat Symbaroum: And so it begins…

“Dreaming I was carried to the hall, fell with the leaves to mossy floors beneath eerie vaults. I settled afore a regal seat; of human design, from oaktree and pine, a terrible thorn-covered throne. And carried by the seat a being, … Continue reading

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A nation on the run. A homeland ravaged and barren.  To stay would mean certain death. Going back is only considered by the foolish and those who have vowed to die on their native soil. Under these circumstances the people … Continue reading

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The Damaxuri Deception – Maraton

I er lejesoldater i et futuristisk univers. I er jeres egen gruppe. Der er ikke nogen der bestemmer over jer. En kontrakt betyder alt for jer. For en kontrakt fører til berømmelse og ikke mindst penge!!! Hvordan kontrakten bliver løst … Continue reading

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Shadows over Sol – Memories

You are aboard UT-389, also known as “the Metus,” a Unitech combined passenger and cargo ship originating from its port of origin on Luna, and heading to Miskan Station in the Belt. This ship has a newer modular design. It … Continue reading

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First Contact

NEO 103397 renamed “Chandra” (excerpt from “Amateur Astronomy Monthly”) Many of you will have been following the fascinating progress of object 2014RB6, an asteroid first discovered by Dr. Narayan Ramakesh last week. As one of the many millions of listed … Continue reading

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Shadow of the Demon Lord

These are dark times for Urth. A shadow creeps across the land to corrupt, warp, and destroy whatever it touches. As the light dies and darkness reigns, the world speeds toward annihilation. Is this really the end? Is it the … Continue reading

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War of the Burning Sky

Unhappy New Year It is a frigid New Year’s Eve, and you, the heroes, gather near midnight in a small condemned tavern within the Free City-State of Gate Pass. Located in the mountain pass which separates two hostile nations — … Continue reading

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