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Do you think you live in the real world?

You don’t. This world you see around you is Shadow—a world illuminated only by the Grey Sun. You think it is your home, but that’s because you have forgotten your true self. Awaken, and return to the Actuality and Satyrine, … Continue reading

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Referat Symbaroum: The Witch Hammer

“I fell like a leaf through the eons, from the branch of creation towards the here and now. Below was a desolate mesa, cut from the crust, from bedrock and dust, the home of a ravenous god. Like me he … Continue reading

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Wrath of the Warden: Aftermath

Efter at en meget berygtet theurg, Losadra af Whip of Prios, har aflagt jordfaldshullet et besøg, bliver det beordret lukket, så selv ikke Ordo Magica får adgang til det. Bygningskommisær Kalio Galeia starter det store arbejde op med hvad der … Continue reading

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Referat Symbaroum: Wrath of the Warden

“Dreaming I was carried to the hall, fell with the leaves to mossy floors beneath eerie vaults. I settled afore a regal seat; of human design, from oaktree and pine, a terrible thorn-covered throne. And carried by the seat a being, … Continue reading

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A nation on the run. A homeland ravaged and barren.  To stay would mean certain death. Going back is only considered by the foolish and those who have vowed to die on their native soil. Under these circumstances the people … Continue reading

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The Damaxuri Deception – Maraton

I er lejesoldater i et futuristisk univers. I er jeres egen gruppe. Der er ikke nogen der bestemmer over jer. En kontrakt betyder alt for jer. For en kontrakt fører til berømmelse og ikke mindst penge!!! Hvordan kontrakten bliver løst … Continue reading

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Shadows over Sol – Memories

You are aboard UT-389, also known as “the Metus,” a Unitech combined passenger and cargo ship originating from its port of origin on Luna, and heading to Miskan Station in the Belt. This ship has a newer modular design. It … Continue reading

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