Referat Symbaroum: The Bell Tolls for Kastor

“And the gaunts charged forth,
thirsting and hungering,
thousand and thousand again
through the night-colored woods

Clan-folks fell and perished,
trampled and booted,
women, men and spawns,
dead then drained and wolfed

But grand was Adina’s bell,
flawless and vibrant,
filled by a different thirst,
it chimed the gaunts to ruin”

A Party Gone Sour
I Gray Wade Crossing prøver Dagesto at overbevise Alderan om at give ham “vejen til Symbar”, mens en goblin utilsigtet taber en Symbaroum statuette og slipper en to-hovedet dæmon fri.

The legendary Bell of Kastor has always warned the town’s residents of attacks, and according to myth, its clang will scatter any darkness threatening the town. The citizens of Kastor are no strangers to suffering and catastrophes; numerous are the barbarian assaults that were repelled in the early days of the town, and many still remember the mass slaughter of year 15, when a cryptwalker prowled the streets searching for an artifact and the treasure hunters who stole it.
Now the bell has not tolled for a long time, and people have begun to take their safety for granted, not noticing the agents of darkness operating in Kastor. But when several members of the Town Council are killed in a single night, the citizens are roused from their slumber.
The murders appear to be connected to a witch burning three years earlier, but soon it is shown to go even deeper – all the way back to the very creation of the town. And, as so often before, the seed of creation is marked by death.


Borgmester Selima, dræbt på rådhuset og derefter brændt i pejsen.
First Theurg Karstak, dræbt i sol templet.
Mullando, Head of Sanitation (sad i fængsel).
Ardetta, Treasurer. Forgiftet med Terato’s draught.

Borgmester Grendol (undead).
Theurg Belago.
Commander Illeva, byvagten.
Adept Kaglio, Ordo Magica.

Borgere i Kastor:
Silvercheek. Ejeren af 5:2.
Dvarak og sin bande af Legbreakers fra Salindra’s Hope.
Burukh dwarves, Bell-ringers
Darda, Lomander’s veninde.
Bartolom af Ordo Magica er her midlertidigt.

Mercenary Companies:
Harbassas’ Marauders (goblins og ogres).
Blue Company (havde infiltreret byvagten).

Margumal (ældgammel legendarisk lindworm)

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  1. CBC says:

    Vel spillet og uden at Margumal slap igennem til Ambria 🙂

    Der er 15 exp til hver, så uden character creation exp er i oppe på 165 exp.

    • CBC says:

      Så starter vi op igen. Som beskrevet ovenfor, så har i 165 exp ud over character creation exp (minus bonding af magic items).
      Jeg ved der er nogen der hyler over ikke at have nogen magic items. I skal bare vide, at jeg lytter ikke 😉

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