Referat Symbaroum: The Darkest Star

“South fled the trodden and vanquished,with darkness behind, with warmness and sunlight ahead.A fortress they raised on the lowlands, a wonder of stones,on the Guardian’s bones, storing the relics of Symbar.But blighted and torn were their bodies.The sins of the fathers echoed in flesh,and darkness devoured them all.” Act 1: Fire over Yndaros The tablet from Karvosti reveals the following:  “When Lindaros had grown strong and powerful, a military force was sent back to the ‘crushed heart of the empire’ to retrieve the remains of ‘the Guardian’s Favore ...mere

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Referat Symbaroum: What’s Bred in the Bone

“… and the people bowed to different gods, with different names and different figures, with different tones and different legacies, with different tastes for style and shape.The People fought to honor the gods, with similar spite and similar weapons, with similar goals and similar methods, with similar love and similar hate. But none of the gods acknowledged the people, not the mother, nor the child, not the guard with axe, with spear. They only spoke to King and Priest.” Act 1: Shadows of the Flame Session 1 – “Mord i Ravenia” Forhistorien fra ”The B ...mere

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Referat Symbaroum: The Bell Tolls for Kastor

“And the gaunts charged forth, thirsting and hungering, thousand and thousand again through the night-colored woods Clan-folks fell and perished, trampled and booted, women, men and spawns, dead then drained and wolfed But grand was Adina’s bell, flawless and vibrant, filled by a different thirst, it chimed the gaunts to ruin” A Party Gone Sour I Gray Wade Crossing prøver Dagesto at overbevise Alderan om at give ham “vejen til Symbar”, mens en goblin utilsigtet taber en Symbaroum statuette og slipper en to-hovedet dæmon fri. Kastor The legendary Bell of Kastor h ...mere

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The Witch Hammer: Aftermath

Utallige ekspeditioner ind i Davokar, store som små, har sat deres spor i skovens bund. Til trods for det, så er der ikke nogen i nyere tid der har sat så stort et fodtryk, som dem der jagtede vejen til Symbar. Endnu en gang fangede i ikke snigmorderen Night Cape. Og dette i hendes forsøg på at tage High Chieftain Tharaban’s liv. Måske vil jeres veje krydses igen, måske ikke. Ikke desto mindre er hun fortsat på fri fod. Vearra familien er sen til at glemme hvem det var der dræbte den store lindorm ved deres forpost øst for Karvosti. Selv de to barbarer der var en del af g ...mere

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Through the Breach

Through the Breach is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Malifaux. The players take on the role of the Fated, men and women who have caught a brief glimpse of their destinies. This destiny is created alongside the Fated during character creation, and it affects every aspect of the character’s life, from the day they were born and into the future. As the game progresses, the destinies of the Fated entwine, creating a campaign with a finite end. With each session, the character’s final fate grows ever closer, and in the end, it is up to them whether they embrace their ...mere

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Do you think you live in the real world?

You don’t. This world you see around you is Shadow—a world illuminated only by the Grey Sun. You think it is your home, but that’s because you have forgotten your true self. Awaken, and return to the Actuality and Satyrine, the city under the Indigo Sun. You are a vislae, a wielder of fabulous powers and capabilities, a shaper of reality itself. You sought shelter in Shadow to escape the war, but the war is now over and your home has called you back. Magic. Magic is real. Which, where I live now, is like saying, “gravity is real.” It’s a stupid thing to say. Althoug ...mere

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Referat Symbaroum: The Witch Hammer

“I fell like a leaf through the eons, from the branch of creation towards the here and now. Below was a desolate mesa, cut from the crust, from bedrock and dust, the home of a ravenous god. Like me he succumbed to the autumn, sank beaten to rest by the heart of the stone.” Kapitel 22: De lange knives nat Vi blev i skoven i 2 uger og fik kyndig vejledning af elverne. Alderan tog hjem til sin familie i Tidselby for at opbygget sit imperium og købe et palæ. Edda brugte en del tid sammen med Teara-Téana for at forstå elvernes syn på bekæmpelse af korruption – og over ...mere

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