War of the Dead – Summary

Chapter One

Act 1: And so it came to pass…

The maiden voyage of the Pinnacle cruise ship has turned into a disaster on the seas, as the outbreak of Living Dead spreads throughout the near 3,000 passengers. After being discovered at the scene of all the outbreaks so far, the characters were forced to work with Jason Kirkman— the head of ship security— in finding out what’s causing passengers to die and reanimate as flesh-eating ghouls. Unfortunately, the situation went from bad to worse when the Living Dead confined to the medical suite were released and attacked passengers throughout the corridors. Faced with a situation spiraling out of control, the characters’ lives are about to be made even more complicated when mercenaries hired by the owner of the Pinnacle attack the ship, all to cause it to sink for insurance purposes.

Act 2

What do you do when the Living Dead inherit the Earth? More importantly, what do you do when you’re trapped on a cruise ship, in the middle of the ocean, with the Living Dead spreading rapidly throughout nearly 3,000 passengers? Welcome to Act 2 of the War of the Dead campaign! What was supposed to be a vacation aboard the maiden voyage of the Pinnacle cruise ship has turned into a nightmare. An unknown source has turned passengers into the Living Dead, and is spreading at an alarming rate. The characters have stumbled onto a plot by the ship’s owner, Mr. Forthington, to hire a mercenary team to sink the cruise ship. Unfortunately, a battle with the Living Dead destroyed the Bridge and left the vessel without navigation or communications. Furthermore, after establishing a temporary infirmary in the Security Suite, the characters discovered their primary source of intelligence, safe haven, and weapons overrun by the Living Dead. Left with little place to turn, and with passenger morale deteriorating, the characters are now forced to make a stand against the Living Dead as a new threat emerges: the survivor factions forming amongst the passengers.

Act 3

All hell has broken loose on the Pinnacle cruise ship. What should have been a fun-filled maiden voyage to the Bahamas has instead turned into disaster. In a matter of hours, the Living Dead have infected the entire ship. Thousands have been turned into flesheating ghouls. The ship has been damaged and is without power, navigation, or communications— rendering it dead in the water. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the surviving passengers have begun losing their minds. One faction, lead by the religious zealot Ms. Hartten, have started believing that the end of days have arrived and that only human sacrifice can appease God. Choosing to sacrifice Mr. Forthington, who confessed his plans to sink the Pinnacle for insurance purposes, the characters now find themselves in the middle of mass insanity. With morale at an all time low and tensions high, the nerves of the passengers have reached a breaking point as the greatest threat is no longer the Living Dead—but the living people around them.

Act 4

The characters barely survived the outbreak aboard the Pinnacle cruise ship, and watched as the rest of the passengers and crew became Living Dead. After escaping in a life boat, they managed to ride the waves back to the United States—coming upon a small marina. Upon disembarking from the vessel, the characters discover the place deserted. A brief encounter with the Living Dead, however, shows them that whatever is happening isn’t just confined to the cruise ship. The characters encounter a man and his wife living in a house near the marina. There, they learn about what is happening across the world, and get a little rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, their rest is cut short when a biker gang rides into the area looking for supplies—and are prepared to do whatever it takes to get them.

Act 5

After surviving the outbreak of the Living Dead on the Pinnacle cruise ship, then making their way to the Calm Seas Marina in Fairport, North Carolina and taking refuge, the characters quickly realized that the greatest threat was not the Living Dead—it was their fellow man! The characters managed to learn something about what was going on in the world at large. The Living Dead were a global pandemic, spreading across every corner of the world. In the first day alone, over a quarter of the U.S. population was infected; and within the past week all television broadcasts had ceased. Henry and Eleanor, an elderly couple that lived near the marina, offered the characters food and lodging. The characters were getting some much-needed rest when the arrival of a motorcycle gang put them into motion once again. Captured and held prisoner by the gang, the characters were told that they would serve as bait to distract the Living Dead in Fairport while the gang looted supplies. If they survived, they would be set free. If they refused, they would be killed on the spot. As we begin Act 5, the characters are out manned and outgunned, and have little choice but to go along with the gang.

The Living Dead had found food! Nearly a dozen of them ripped muscle, intestines, kidneys, and other succulent morsels from the still-warm bodies. Blood covered their hands and mouths, but they didn’t care. Only one thing drove them: a hunger for flesh! A single gunshot ripped through the nearest ghoul, exploding its head in a spray of thick, blackish goop. The others moaned. Almost as though of a single mind, they turned to confront whatever it was that had interrupted them. Hell unleashed his fury, the M-16 vibrating his arms as it sent a hailstorm of death into the creatures. Skulls shattered and limbs tore away from bodies as the other men followed his lead. Hell’s eyes were wide with rage and spittle flecked the corners of his mouth. When the last of the beasts had fallen, Hell walked cautiously over to the bodies. He kicked a few with his boot to make sure they were dead— yet again. Satisfied, he stepped over them in his search for something of particular importance. He found it in the woods beside the road, and his heart pounded against his sternum as his eyes settled upon it. Her chest and throat had been torn open, the blood already thickened. He stared, jaw clenched, as he raised the automatic rifle and pointed it—waiting. Moments later, the eyes opened. They were glazed and distant. Her lips parted, but the damage to her throat prevented a moan from escaping. He exhaled slowly and squeezed the trigger. A single shot entered her forehead. The body stopped moving. Hell bent down and retrieved a ring from the ground near her head. It was the ring that had once pierced her navel. “I want those bastards found,” he said quietly, clenching the ring in his left hand and keeping his back toward the men. “I want ‘em found, and I want ‘em alive.” “How do you know they did this?” One of the bikers asked. A terrible anger flared within him as he placed the ring within his hip pocket. Then, without a word, he spun and fired several shots into the biker’s chest. “Our bikes are fuckin’ destroyed, and the corpses sure didn’t do it! Now, anyone else wanna ask me a stupid question?” His eyes blazed as though the fires of his namesake burned within them. No one said a word. Everyone was too scared to even move. “I want ‘em found! I don’t care what it takes, how long it takes, or where you have to go. I don’t care if you have to go into a city full of corpses. Find ‘em, and bring ‘em to me.” “We’ll find them,” another biker said finally, struggling to keep his voice strong. “Don’t you doubt it, man.” Hell ignored him and kneeled down next to Spiderbait. He stared at her for several heartbeats, then leaned forward and gently kissed her dead lips before closing her eyes with his left hand. He remained there beside her, chin against his chest, and fought back the tears. He would find those responsible, and they would pay a terrible price. If it took him to the ends of the Earth, he would see to it that they paid. After a few more moments, he rose from her side, slung the M-16 over his shoulder, and got in to his car. “Let’s roll,” he said. As one, the Ghost Riders rode away from Fairport.

Act 6

The world around the characters is dying and rising as flesh-consuming Living Dead! After being introduced to the outbreak aboard the Pinnacle cruise ship—stranded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean—the characters managed to escape back to land, only to then be taken captive by an outlaw biker gang led by a bloodthirsty man named Hell. Used as live bait to distract the Living Dead in the town of Fairport, the characters managed to turn the tables on the gang and make good their escape. Learning of a Rescue Station and military presence in Jacksonville, North Carolina—approximately 60 miles from their location—they headed in that direction. On the road, the characters are witness to the bleak devastation that the rise of the Living Dead is causing. Roads are cluttered with wrecked and abandoned cars, towns have been transformed into shambling graveyards, and the few survivors that haven’t been infected are on the brink of insanity. After a few encounters, they finally arrive at small church where survivors have taken refuge. How long will the stronghold last with the Living Dead converging on a ready food supply—and the characters discovering a new type of horror in the War of the Dead?

Act 7

The world is descending into chaos as the Living Dead consume all major population centers. Barely surviving the outbreak aboard the Pinnacle cruise ship, the characters were lost at sea before making their way back to the coast of North Carolina. After encountering a friendly, elderly couple that offered them shelter, food, and information, a biker gang calling themselves the Ghost Riders soon took the characters captive. Forced to act as live bait in the infected town of Fairport, the characters managed to escape—making mortal enemies of the bike gang in the process. Following their daring escape, the characters took refuge in a small church with other survivors after their vehicle suffered a break down. Discovering a new form of horror within the church, the characters quickly realized that the slow-moving Living Dead weren’t the only form of Infected. Escaping from the church and battling their way past a Living Dead horde, the characters have finally made it to the military Rescue Station in Jacksonville, North Carolina. As the characters approach the city, they see total chaos. The Rescue Station has been overrun by the Living Dead, and the military is fighting a losing war. Hundreds of civilians flee in every direction, and several try to over take the characters’ RV. After losing the vehicle, the characters and their allies are forced flee on foot. Discovering a nearby distribution warehouse, they take refuge with dozens of other survivors.

Act 8

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since the characters were introduced to the outbreak of the Living Dead aboard the Pinnacle cruise ship. Since that time, they’ve survived: weeks at sea with minimal provisions, being taken captive by an outlaw biker gang and forced to serve as unarmed bait for a town of Living Dead, being trapped in a lone church with two new forms of zombies, and escaping from the city of Jacksonville with thousands of Living Dead converging on them. After all that, and with the survivor and military allies they’ve met along the way, they finally had a plan and a destination. After being forced to react to the world dying around them, it looked as if they were finally going to be able to act first. Then it all came crashing down around them—or, more accurately, an Apache helicopter came crashing into them.

Act 9

In And the Dead Shall Walk the Earth (Act 9), the characters are rescued from the wreckage by a patrol team from the nearby town of Dalesbury. After receiving some much needed rest and medical attention, they are offered shelter and security by the town’s Mayor. In exchange, the only thing that’s required is that they adjust to the new order of the world, and pull their own weight by contributing to the welfare of the town. Assigned to help with patrol duty around the outskirts of the town, the characters discover a horde of living dead heading in the direction of Dalesbury. The horde will arrive within a day. Meanwhile a group of soldiers – the remaining survivors of the Jacksonville massacre – have arrived in town, causing a lot of tension between Mayor Lewis and Major Morgan.

Act 10

No good deed goes unpunished, and no place is ever truly safe. Those words have never been more true than in relation to the main characters in War of the Dead. After escaping from one catastrophe after another, all beginning with the characters’ first encounter with the Living Dead outbreak aboard the Pinnacle cruise ship, the group has been storm tossed and battle torn every step of the way. First, they managed to survive a cruise ship full of the Living Dead, only to be stranded at sea for 2 weeks. Once they reached land, they encountered a friendly couple that provided them with food, shelter, rest, and information. Even that peace, though, was not to last as an outlaw biker gang soon rolled into the area and forced the characters to act as bait in a nearby town full of the Living Dead. After escaping the biker gang, the characters experienced vehicle trouble and were forced to take sanctuary in a nearby church. It didn’t take long for circumstances to again catch-up with the group, as not only the biker gang discovered their location, but also a new type of infected—a monstrous newborn—hunted them throughout the darkened building. The characters managed to escape the church with the help of new allies, and arrived at the Rescue Station in Jacksonville just in time to see it overrun by thousands of Living Dead. Barely escaping with their lives, the characters were rescued from a car accident by a patrol team from a town called Dalesbury. Taken back to the town and nursed back to health, the characters were allowed to stay within its fortified borders as long as they contributed to the town’s welfare. For some, Dalesbury seemed like the perfect place to call home in a world full of the Living Dead. Shortly hereafter, a military convoy that survived Jacksonville arrived in town. However,  the Mayor saw the new arrivals as a threat to his position. Fortunately, an event once again conspired to prevent a power struggle between the Mayor and the military. Unfortunately, that event was the arrival of a horde of hundreds of Living Dead. During the chaos of the Living Dead invasion, the characters learned that Samantha—the 9-year-old girl taken care of by Joe Recht from the church—had disappeared. A search of the town indicated she had been taken to Mayville. There, Dalesbury’s Mayor and his brother (the town’s doctor) had reputedly established a facility wherein they maintained captured Living Dead— which they kept placated by feeding new arrivals to Dalesbury. Rushing to Samantha’s rescue, the characters were ambushed by guards in the facility and they are in a bad position as we draw close to the end of Chapter One.

Act 11 – Chapter Ending

Dalesbury burns behind you as the Living Dead turn the town into a massive graveyard. The sheer number of the creatures loose upon the world has made it painfully obviously that unless something is done, humanity will soon become an extinct species. Nearly everyone you’ve met so far—maybe even the family you left behind when you first went on the cruise—have all become creatures hell-bent on devouring humanity and increasing their numbers. The military is in shambles, the government has been forced to flee, and everyday more and more of the Living Dead inhabit the Earth. Only one thing might stand in the way of humanity’s end: Samantha. Somehow, the child possesses immunity to what Doctor Lewis called the “Armageddon Virus”. The future of the world might very well exist within the body of a 9-yearold child. The question is: what are you going to do?

Chapter 2

Act 1: Sanctuary and loss

It’s been one month since the characters witnessed the fall of Dalesbury and the deaths of their allies. Barely able to escape the Living Dead, they were forced to take to the road— with 9-year-old Samantha Hickman as the sole survivor of their extended group. Low on supplies, the characters are attacked by a group of Living Dead. With almost two months having passed since the initial outbreak, the Living Dead population has risen dramatically. More and more often, the characters are forced to avoid entire groups of them as they seek out much needed supplies. After managing to escape the most recent attempt on their lives, the characters discover a gated community that looks as though it can provide adequate shelter, and hopefully at least a few supplies. What they discover is another survivor family— much needed allies against the Living Dead. The community is quickly surrounded by Living Dead, however, and the characters are forced to flee on foot in search of less decayed surroundings. Eventually, they come upon another small community— this time populated and open to other survivors. After a month on the road with little food and less rest, the characters have finally found a real place to recuperate. The question is: will they trust their new benefactors enough to not destroy the peace they’ve discovered?

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31 Responses to War of the Dead – Summary

  1. JS says:

    “Hvor mange smittede tror I der er dernede ved lagerbygningen”? Cian kigger fra sin Assault Rifle op på hans to følgesvende. Et dystert smil breder sig på hans ansigt. “Er I med mig?”

    • CBC says:

      OOC: Spørgsmålet er ikke hvor mange smittede der er ved lagerbygningen, men hvor mange smittede i området der hører skuddene fra en Assault Rifle 🙂 Specielt, de “nye” hurtige smittede.

      IC: Tankebobbel (er personligt bekymret for Cian’s udvikling 🙂 ).

  2. JS says:

    Dudes, jeg siger vi bliver her i byen nogle dage. Ham lægen ved noget om de smittede og vi har brug for at være bedre forberedt end vi har været hidtil. Vi skal først og fremmest blive bedre til at undgå de smittede og vide mere om dem. Hvad reagerer de på? Lyd, lys, bevægelse, lugt andet? Hvad motivere dem? Sult? drab? Kun mennesker? Hvordan slår vi dem bedst ihjel? Hvordan skal vi transpotere os? Hvilket udstyr skal vi medbringe…. hvem er med mig?

  3. RM says:

    Der lyder fornuftigt – selvom lægen ikke er den person i byen, der fortjener den største respekt…

    Enig i, at vi må blive i byen et par dage for at regruppere. Jeg tvivler nu på, at vi kommer til at bestemme det helt selv 🙂

    Fronten leve! Død over de smittede!

  4. JS says:

    Hvad siger I – var der omkring 1000 smittede? Kan vi klare dem? Der er 34 soldater og min. 50 indbyggere der kan forsvare sig og vi er 8. Det giver lige på den anden side af 10 smittede til hver.
    Desuden har soldaterne muligvis håndgranater og andet. Vi kan lave fælder, brandbomber mv. Vi kan sidde på et tag med vores LMG.
    Jeg har på en måde lyst til ikke at løbe denne gang…

    • ALL says:

      SOm jeg husker det var de våbenglade militia omkring 50 sheriffen havde i hverfald 10, der 30 + soldater, der er os lad os sige 15 til hver , og de kommer ikke samtidigt, jeg er på slagte nogen stykker, hvis vi samtidigt sørger for at have vores køretøjer klar, har vi en backup plan (flugt) hvis det går galt.

      • JS says:

        Enig. vi fik fortalt at de går på alt levende.
        Det kan udnyttes. Måske kan vi placere nogle dyr i bur nogle strategiske steder og på den måde sikre at der bliver naturlige opholds- og samlingssteder ved indgangen til byen. Det kan kombineres med brandbomber eller lignende.
        Hvis vi ligeledes kan guide dem ind på nogle snævre arealer med “en fold” bagved, så kan vi måske bedre håndtere presset.
        Måske skal vi også forberede en decoy der kan trække nogle væk fra byen. En pick-up med høj musik der kører modsat byen på et strategisk tidspunkt? Samme strategi kunne forsøges ift. at lede dem i en anden retning end byen og helt undgå en så direkte konfrontation?
        Kan MC lokkes til at give os et kort?

      • JS says:

        Jeg har en ide til en skull-crusher maskine. Hvis vi kan skaffe en velfungerende rotor (fx fra den crashede black hawk) og en motor til at drive den. Her forestiller jeg mig en anden stærk motor (og ikke nævnte BH) – en truck eller lignende burde kunne gøre det. Rotor og motor forbindes og forankres fx i jorden. Rotorblade (BH sandsyligvis ikke en option) moteres.
        Derfra er der to muligheder. 1) Rotorpinden skal laves så den kan hæves og sænkes (fra afstand)
        2) Der påsvejses enten skarpe blade eller metalkugler på rotorbladene og den indstilles til en fast position svarende til ca. 5 cm over gns. højden.
        -> når bladene roterer….

        Er det muligt?

    • Beddy says:

      Mani er bare så glad for at han har valgt skabet:-)

    • JS says:

      Hvad med et vandingsanlæg til marker – I ved de der forstørrede græsplænevandere. Hvis vi nu pumpede benzin igennem anlægget og “vander” horden når den komme mod byen. Vi kunne så sende brændende pile ind i flokken på til tidspunkt hvor de går gennem haml væddet i brændstof…

      Hvis det virker bliver det vigtigt at der er tilpas langt til byen – eller at gøre vejen ufremkommelig – så de ikke sætte ild til byen.

      Snubletråd, pigtråd, grøfter, hegn mv. kan hjælpe.

      • ALL says:

        Indestængte agresioner? 🙂

        Vi har maks 12 timer hvor vi samtidigt skal på fieldtrip til warehouse, men lad os se hvad vi kan finde af happengut der, græsslå maskiner barbed wirer, traps (vi er i syden) und so wieter

      • JS says:

        Hvad med motorsave udspændt mellem husene i hovedhøjde? Måske sådan at de kan trække ind til 1. sal når påkrævet?
        Eller hvis vi kan finde noget der er stærkt og skarpt – meget skarpt – kunne vi bruge deres evne til at presse på som en mængde mod dem selv. Forestil jer et horisontalt “hegn” af lange (og skarpe) “blade” der dækker indgangen til byen. Horden ville så presse de forreste igennem med et antal mistede lemmer til følge… tænkt i termen at de bliver presset mod en kæmpe le.
        En mejetærsker ville heller ikke være dum – kan muligvis indstilles i hovedhøjde?

      • JS says:

        Er der forøvrigt en måde at gøre mange shaken på en gang?

      • JS says:

        Måske kunne vi også gøre jorden sumpet i et område inden de kommer ind i byen. Det vil være praktisk hvis de træder hinanden ned i mudderet.

        Vi kunne også lave et kæmpe “sømbræt”. Fx døre lagt på jorden med store søm igennem. Det gør det besværligt at bevæge sig – især hvis der er flere smittede der træder ned på samme dør/planke og sidder fast…

    • RM says:

      Jo, jo da, vi er herude…

      Jeg, Rufus, er efter kort overvejelse enig i, at vi bør blive og hjælpe landsbyboerne med at tage kampen op. Så må vi efterforske forholdene omkring borgmestre og forsvundne landsbyboere senere.

      Super gode og kreative idéer! Tiden taget i betragtning synes, jeg at vi skal koncentrere os om et par stykker.

      Vandingsanlæg til marker kombineret med benzin virker som en fremragende idé. Jeg forestiller mig, at beboerne i byen – eller i hvert fald gårdene lidt udenfor – har disse anlæg, de er muligvis allerede lagt ud på markerne. Spørgsmålet er, om vi har benzin nok. De smittede kan sandsynligvis ”styres” ind gennem et afgrænset område vha. hegn/biler, så vi kan maksimere effekten.

      Jeg tror ikke, at vi kan nå at bygge en skull crusher maskine selv, men der må vel være et ganske stort antal mejetærskere/majshøstere/andet rundt omkring på gårdene. De kan sikkert bruges. Hvis vi bliver i byen længere tid, kan vi eventuelt gå i gang med den skræddersyede løsning.

      Er handlingsplanen:
      1) Vi skaffer os viden omkring eventuelle markvandingsanlæg.
      2) Vi sætter de lokale til at grave grøfter/opsætte hegn, der leder de smittede ind på det mest velegnede område (som nødvendigvis bør ligge i den rute, de automatisk vil følge).
      3) Vi kører efter hegn osv. i Mayville.
      4) Vi afleverer varerne.
      5) Vi prøver at skaffe en eller flere mejetærskere.
      6) Vi hjælper med forberedelserne – og samtidig gør en eller flere bilerne klar til en eventuel tilbagetrækning.
      7) Vi slår de smittede tilbage – en stor sejr!
      8) Vi gøres til æresborgere i byen 
      1+2 bør ikke tage mere end 10 minutter. De lokale kan sikkert klare 2 selv, uden vi blander os for meget. 3 tager måske 2 timer. Var det ikke 30 minutters transport til Mayville? 5 tager vel 1 times tid, så der bør være god tid til at hjælpe med de egentlige forberedelser. Taget de regler MC gør opmærksom på i betragtning, bør vi finde et godt sted til LMG’en, måske et tag i byen. Vi bør grave en grøft eller lignende, der vil sinke de smittede, så vi bedre kan nå at skyde dem.

      Hvilke særlige forholdsregler bør vi tage i henhold til de hurtige?

  5. MC says:

    Er der noget, der plager dig, JS? 🙂

    GM har beklageligvis ikke et kort over byen, men hvis der er nogen, der har tid og lyst, kan de jo komme med et udkast hertil.

    En måde at gøre mange modstandere Shaken på en gang? Ja, det er der. Primært eksplosiver (hvis altså ikke modstanderne ligefrem dør af det), concussion grenades, autofire, flammekastere. Kort sagt alle area effect attacks.

    Bemærk følgende setting rule:
    In addition to the traditional headshot method, automatic fire, area effect weapons, and flamethrowers are also good weapon choices for eliminating the Living Dead. When a zombie reaches Incapacitated through such weapons, it’s considered destroyed due to Severe Damage. Although the brain might still be active, the body is damaged enough that it’s no longer a threat. The exact type of damage is left up to the Gamemaster, but should range from missing limbs to the body being cut in half from the impact.

    It’s unlikely, regardless of what the dice say, that a character firing into a mass of zombies is going to fail to hit anything. As long as the Shooting die (regardless of Wild Die) doesn’t come up a 1, apply the following mechanic when firing into a group of
    Living Dead. Whenever a character fires into a crowd of Living
    Dead and fails the Shooting check (as long as he doesn’t roll a 1 on the Shooting die), he automatically hits a number of zombies equal to the weapon’s Rate of Fire being used. Use the normal rules for Double Tap, Three Round Burst, or Automatic Fire.

    Example: A character firing into a crowd of 10 zombies with an M-16 on Auto rolls 3 Shooting dice and 1 Wild Die. The Shooting dice come up 3, 5, and 2, which are adjusted to 1, 3, and –1 due to the –2 penalty for firing on Auto. The Wild Die comes up a 4, adjusted down to 2. Although the character would normally miss all the shots, the 3 Shooting dice still all hit (since none of them rolled a 1). The character rolls damage for each shot against the 3 zombies, checking for Severe Damage with each hit.

  6. RM says:

    Vildt ubehageligt! Vi er altså taget til fange af Lewis brødrenes vagter? Hvordan gik selve den store kamp? Og hvem er ‘Paris Hilton Wannabe’?

    • ALL says:

      Mr. denvers arvtager er en 17-18 pige som allerede har skudt Cian, er rimelig clueless, og gennemgående for kendt til det her sted (hun har boet i New York) :). Vi er endnu ikke taget til fange, bare omringet af en 12-15 svært bevæbnede mænd :). Kampen gik ikke så godt byen er så vidt jeg vurderer tabt, måske til dels fordi en god portion af de våbenføre militia men valgte ikke at deltage. I øvrigt var vores deltagelse i kampen relativ beskeden, da vi havde travlt med at finde Samantha.

  7. ALL says:

    Godt så: Vi er i en lagerhal, på stueniveau, 15 relativt godt bevæbnede militia sigter på os fra en position oppe (de står på metalbroer langs med væggen et par etager oppe), vi har søgt dækning, nødtørftigt, bag metalkasser. Da “fjenden” står oppe har vi øjensynligt ikke verdens bedste cover.
    Han beordrer os til at overgive os. Stodderkongen har efter sheriffens fortælling budt udefra kommende velkommen til byen, hvorefter han fodrer dem til sine tilfangnetagne zombier, han har lige fået sheriffen skudt, og har efter hvad vi har kunnet finde ud af taget Samantha 9 år til fange, uverificeret for at anvende hende til foder. Dilemma time, what to do?

    • Beddy says:

      Er der en pointe i at “fodre” de smittede, som ikke har fremgået af tidligere referater? Tænker bare at det vel reelt er ligegyldigt om en smittet er velnæret eller ej…:-)

      • ALL says:

        Sheriffen nåede blot at tilkendegive det, inden de skød ham, uden videre forklaring. Men noget kunne jo tyde på at de må forgå, hvis de ikke optager næring, hvilket jo et eller andet sted er lovende for fremtiden….. Men “borgmesteren” og hans bror ved jo åbenbart mere om det her uvæsen end nogen andre vi har været i nærheden af, perhaps we´ll learn more……

  8. MC says:

    Så lykkedes det mig omsider at finde setting specifikke regler for Survival (efter en del søgen).

    Generally speaking, Survival and Tracking handle finding food, shelter, and supplies. A character can find enough food for themselves on a successful Survival check, and enough for 5 people on a Raise. Likewise, a character can track wild game using the Tracking skill.

    In the case of ammunition, Savage Worlds already takes care of that in the way it accounts for ammunition and expenditure in combat. War of the Dead adheres to those guidelines strongly, as the number of bullets a group has left can be extremely vital to
    overall survival. To find more ammunition, characters can also use the Survival skill. On a success, they find enough ammunition to fill one of their weapons. On a Raise, they find enough to fill a weapon 5 times. Survival skill rolls to find ammunition can only be made in cities and towns.

    Inevitably, though, there are going to be instances where a simple Survival skill check doesn’t suffice. When the group finds a few abandoned cars, do they have any fuel left in them? If so, how much? Does one have a full tank? Do several of them have a half-tank? Are they all on empty? At such times, the amount of
    supplies found are left to the Gamemaster — and the general tone or difficulty he wants to set for the adventure that evening — since replenishing supplies is as much a part of the story in the zombie genre as battling the Living Dead.

    Large city +0
    Searching for non-food supplies +0
    Forest or woods (wild game only) +1
    Location contains a large store, such as a Wal-Mart +1
    Formerly well-populated town -1
    Searching for food (except wild game) -1
    Rural town –2
    In the winter (except wild game) -2
    Searching for ammunition -2

  9. JS says:

    Vi er nu i Cian’s forældres hjem på McClellands Creek Road, Nantahala National Forest. Nazi-lægen fortalte os at alle er smittede og virus vil gå i udbrud på et tidspunkt. Virus smitter især gennem kropsvæsker, men er også luftbåret. Samantha er også smittet, men hendes immunforsvar har bekæmpet smitten. Lægen ville finde en kur gennem studier af hende – beklageligvis ville han også slå os ihjel…
    Vi har nu en radio og forsøger at komme i kontakt med andre overlevende. Jeg tænker at vi helst skal finde et CDC eller lignede, som kan kigge på Samantha. Måske hos præsidenten i bjergene?
    Jeg vil foreslå at vi bruge den kommende tid på at bygge et forsvar op, samle ressourcer og prøve at komme i kontakt med andre. Når vi har et mål kan vi køre efter det på en mere planlagt måde og med flere ressourcer.

  10. JS says:

    Dudes, her er et bud på en “plan”. Eller i hvert fald steder vi måske skal tage til med Samantha, når vi har gearet op.

    Nantahala National Forest (NC)
    Nantahala National Forest is the largest of the four national forests in North Carolina, lying in the mountains and valleys of western North Carolina. The terrain varies in elevation from 5,800 feet to 1,200 feet. It is the home of many western NC waterfalls. The last part of the Mountain Waters Scenic Byway travels through this forest. The total area under management is 2,150.04 km2.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (GA)
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services headquartered in Druid Hills, unincorporated DeKalb County, Georgia, in Greater Atlanta.

    Research Triangle Park (NC)
    The Research Triangle Park is a research park in the United States located near Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. It is one of the most prominent high-tech research and development centers in the United States and one of the centers working with CDC in Atlanta.

    Mount Weather (VA)
    Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, access to the operations center is available via Virginia State Route 601 (also called Blueridge Mountain Road) in Bluemont, Virginia.

    The Cheyenne Mountain Complex (CO)
    Cheyenne Mountain is a mountain base located just outside the southwest side of Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S., and is home to NORAD. This could be where the president has gone…

  11. JS says:

    Jeg vil foreslå at vi prioriterer følgende;

    1) Etablere en “sikker” hjemmebase; (Bruge terrænet til af afskærme mindst to sider, sætte hegn, grave grøfter, sætte fælder og vagter)
    2) Scanne radiofrekvenser på skift
    3) Indsamle ressourcer;
    Mad, benzin, nærkampsvåben, ammunition, førstehjælpsudstyr, overlevelsesudstyr, armbrøst eller lignende lydløst afstandsvåben, kevlar/motorcykeldragt, dynamit, cykler, solcelleoplader, kommunikationsudstyr, RV, …
    4) Finde et autoværksted og lave modifikationer på 2-3 biler
    5) Formulere en flugtplan

    • RM says:

      Flere af mulighederne lyder spændende. Særligt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention og måske også The Cheyenne Mountain Complex lyder lovende. På den anden side er jeg også enig i, at det vil være ønskværdigt, at vi skaber en form for kontakt med et af stederne, inden vi begiver os derhen. Hvis de er løbet over ende, vil det være spildte kræfter at opsøge dem.

      At skabe en base er en god idé, men jeg synes ikke, at det er et mål i sig selv. Det skal vel bare være indtil vi får kontakt til en mere organiseret ”frihedsgruppe”? Vores primære mål må være at få kontakt til en sådan, alternativt selv starte en.

      Vi må lægge en (stor) indsats i at skabe kontakt til andre ”raske”. Den radio, vi er i besiddelse af, er nok ikke den bedste. Måske kan vi finde noget bedre?

      Skal vi ikke prøve at notere alt, hvad vi ved om smitten og smittede…

      – Smitten er luftbåren. (Virus?)
      – Vi er alle inficerede!
      – Sker overførslen som et resultat af overførsel af kropsvæsker, bryder sygdommen (meget) hurtigere ud. Sker f.eks. ved bid.
      – Der er mindst tre typer af smittede: Hurtige, langsomme, små/babyer. (Hvad er bestemmende for, om en person bliver hurtig/langsom?)
      – Virussen (?) kommer fra Irak. Soldater blev smittet under Golfkrigen (1.?) og den har siden spredt sig, og er nu en pandemi. Hvem – her tænkes person(er) – skabte/opdagede virussen? Kan mere præcise oplysninger om ”kilden” hjælpe os?
      – Samantha er inficeret, men hendes immunsystem forhindrer smitten i at bryde ud. Hvordan kan det hjælpe os andre?
      – En enkelt smittet har vist tydelige tegn på at kunne kommunikere med os. I laboratoriet viste ”den ledende smittede” Cherri og Rufus ud, inden de slagtede den gode doktor. Er de rent faktisk organiseret på en eller anden måde?

      Selvom det nok er en virus, der er fremelsket af irakerne i en sindsstemning af dybfølt og oprigtigt had til hele den vestlige verden, så må det nødvendigvis være den sande Gud (Jahve), der straffer os mennesker for noget, som vi har gjort. (For at skabe lidt forbindelse til dagligdagen, så kan det jo også være noget, vi ikke har gjort…)
      Selvfølgelig skal prøve at bekæmpe smitten, men når menneskeheden som helhed har sonet, så træder HAN frem og redder os. Sagt hermed er, at kontakt til en mere organiseret kirkelig organisation (baptister!) bør være en lige så stor prioritet som de mere (natur)videnskabelige tilgange.

      På den (meget) korte bane: Enig med JS.

      PS: Hvor forsvandt det store kort hen?

  12. Beddy says:

    Mani; Jeg skal tisse…

  13. JS says:

    Hvordan læser I deb sidste sætning i resumeet? The question is: will they trust their new benefactors enough to not destroy the peace they’ve discovered?
    Jeg tænker da umiddelbart at vi 1) hjælper dem hvis vi kan, 2) fortæller dem sandheden (selvom de nok ikke er interessede, da de jo er kristne) 3) drager videre med Samantha når vi har forsyninger nok – vores betaling for pkt 1.

  14. RM says:

    1) Enig. Selvfølgelig hjælper vi dem. De hjælper jo også os med mad og husly.

    2) Det er måske lige at stramme den at påstå, at kristne ikke er interesserede i sandheden 🙂 Men lad os da fortælle dem det, som det er. De har nok deres egen sandhed.

    3) Enig.

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