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War of the Dead – Summary

Chapter One Act 1: And so it came to pass… The maiden voyage of the Pinnacle cruise ship has turned into a disaster on the seas, as the outbreak of Living Dead spreads throughout the near 3,000 passengers. After being discovered at the scene of all the outbreaks so far, the characters were forced to work with Jason Kirkman— the head of ship security— in finding out what’s causing passengers to die and reanimate as flesh-eating ghouls. Unfortunately, the situation went from bad to worse when the Living Dead confined to the medical suite were released and attacked passengers througho ...mere

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War of the Dead

War of the Dead is a campaign that takes your character from the first stages of the zombie outbreak and into a world forever changed. The normal rules of society, law, order, and decency are out the window. Gone. Forget about them. Luxury is being able to fall asleep at night, managing to wakeup the next morning, and having survived another day without becoming a Living Dead. It’s being able to find food enough to keep you moving throughout the day, or something to burn to keep warm when the nights get cold. Welcome to the war for survival . . . the War of the Dead. Kampagnen starter ombord ...mere

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